Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC version was one of only two Firebird coversions to see a translated release in Germany, the other being the Commodore 64 cassette and disk conversions.

The following versions of software were released:
- English cassette
- English 3" floppy disk
- German cassette
- German 3" floppy disk

Cassette and Disk Versions

The Amstrad CPC version was released on both cassette and 3" floppy disk.  

Cassette 300dpi

Above: Original Amstrad CPC cassette release.

Below: The replacement cassette sent to users who returned their original bugged cassettes.

Cassette Metropoliton 300dpi

Below: The 'A-side' of the Amstrad CPC 3" floppy disk. The word 'SCHNEIDER' prior to 'AMSTRAD CPC' refers to the German name for the Amstrad.

Disk Side A 300dpi

As can be seen above, the Amstrad cassette release of Elite was available in both a black and white labelled version. This was due to a bug in the original black labelled version which caused the game to lock up after a few hours of play. The fault was claimed to come from a disk drawing routine used by Torus in the Spectrum version of Elite. Firebird offered a £2 voucher and a replacement version to all owners of the bugged version who returned their copy. The replacement version had the white label and could be further distinguished by the text METROPOLITON under the AMSTRAD CPC model identifier.

Firebird shipped around 15,000 cassettes for the initial release, and it is thought that of those around 6,000 had been sold by the time the bug was reported. The remaining cassettes were reportedly destroyed.

Below: (Left) The cassette symbol and barcode found on Amstrad CPC cassette boxes and (right) the label applied to indicate an original Firebird Amstrad CPC floppy disk release.

Box Cassette Logo 300dpiBox Disk Logo 300dpi

The disk version of Elite for the Amstrad CPC required the user to leave the disk in the machine whilst playing the game, and to remove only when saving their Commanders. In order to ensure that users followed the correct process, Firebird included the following note with the game:

German Release

The German version of the Elite Amstrad CPC software was a complete conversion unlike many other games that simply repackaged the English version with foreign language manuals.

The German release of the Amstrad version came with a German language box, Flight Training Manual, Quick Key Control Guide, Dark Wheel novella, and Elite membership form. 

Both disk and cassette labels were dual English/German, and the Ship Identification Chart was all in English. 

box front elite schneider cpcbox back elite schneider cpc

Above: The front and back of the German version of the Amstrad CPC Box.

media elite schneider cpc tapemedia elite schneider cpc disc

Above and Right: The German version was available on both cassette and 3" disk.

manual control guide firebird deu frontmanual flight training firebird deu

Above: Both the Space Traders Flight Training Manual (left) and Quick Key Control Guide (right and below) were translated to German.

manual control guide firebird deu inside


Amstrad Action was one of the few '80s gaming magazines to feature ELITE on the front cover. Firstly a full cover on issue 3, and a sidebar on issue 100 where ELITE was voted the best game ever on the CPC.