Resurrecting the BBC Master 128

Greetings Commanders!

I have never played Elite on a BBC Master 128 before and was fortunate enough to acquire a BBC Master 128 last year. Today I decided to fire it up and have a play of Elite. Things did not start well…

IMG 9894

Above: The BBC Master 128, disc drive and Elite!

I opened the case and ensured that nothing had become dislodged during transit. Everything looked good. I connected the floppy drive and monitor, turned on the BBC Master 128, and was presented with the error message “This is not a language”. 

IMG 9896

Above: Connecting the disc drive to the Master 128.

Some googling soon revealed that the problem likely lay with the battery pack. I replaced the batteries and this time was greeted with:

Acorn MOS

Acorn ADFS

Much better. I put the ELITE disc into the drive and pressed SHIFT + Break. The drive came to life with some whirring and buzzing. The red LED flickering hopefully. But alas another error presented itself…

Disc error 50 at :0/000002

It looks like the drive could need the heads to be either cleaned or aligned.

To be continued…